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- Accounting
- Employment law
- Tax Rules
- Legalization
- Accessory obligations
- And others

Consulting and Advisory Accounting 

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Monday to Thursday from 08 am to 06 pm

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94 Bebedouro street, Quarta Parada

Zip Code: 03174-030

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

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Our Principles

Acting fully in the accounting area, serving all clients with quality and technical capacity.

About Us

We are a group formed by five accounting firms that stands out in the market since 1973.
We seek to improve service delivery by using innovative technologies, training and staffing, as well as key partnerships for development and growth.

Our Services

It is not enough to be in the market, it is necessary to learn and diversify the action to meet the demand and offer the best.

With this, we give advice and advice in the following areas:

- Accounting

- Employment law

- Tax Rules

- Opening and closing of companies

- Accessory obligations


- And others

Who We are

On July 3, 1973, a group of friends, coming from another accounting company, founded the Nova Aliança Contábil, starting in the heart of Mooca.


In 1991, it moved its headquarters to the neighborhood Paraíso, going through years of progress and major changes in the country, such as the Real Plan.

In 1996, it acquired its own headquarters, in the neighborhood of Belenzinho, where it is until today, and in 2012, achieved the great feat of opening its first branch. Also located in the neighborhood of Belenzinho, the subsidiary concentrates the accounting sector of the group.


Always in touch with the market, following the changes in both economy and legislation, Grupo Nova Aliança invests heavily in technology and in the improvement of its professionals, through courses, lectures and study centers.

Today, seeking to follow the market demand, the group undergoes major changes, creating companies and establishing partnerships, to complement and support the diverse needs and business areas of customers.

Our Services


The purpose of the accounting department is to prepare the financial statements of your company. These are of paramount importance both for legal requirements and for decision-making.

Prepare statements in accordance with the accounting standards required by the legislation and also management reports that enable the members to read and interpret them, and it is not necessary that they understand the technical part of the accounting.

  • Accounting entries;

  • Accounting statements;

  • Real / Presumed Profit Control / SIMPLES NACIONAL;

  • Accounting calculation;

  • International Standard of Chart of Accounts.

Tributary Area

The tax department is responsible for the calculation of direct and indirect taxes (IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and ISS) and for the fiscal documents, through a data processing system, fully integrated with the accounting system used.

Responsible for the preparation and delivery of monthly and annual statements, such as, GIA, DCTF, DACON, SINTEGRA, DIRF, SPED FISCAL and SPED EFD CONTRIBUTIONS and other declarations and requests of the supervisory bodies.


  • Invoice;

  • Calculation of taxes in general;

  • Accessory obligations;

  • SPED systems.

(Department. Staff)

The personnel department works in the areas of labor and social security, advises and monitors relations between employees and employers, taxpayer and government, with assistance in labor consulting.

  • Maids services

  • Admission, rescission, vacation calculation and monitoring in the homologation of employees;

  • Development and calculation SEFIP, GPS;

  • Admission, termination and homologation of employees;

  • Elaboration and issuance of payroll and pro-labore;

  • Provision of vacation; 13th salary; Collective vacations;

  • GPS emission;

  • IR DARF;

  • GFIP;

  • Contributions to the Union.

The legalization department specializes in consulting and advisory services in the tax and corporate areas, accompanying the entire process of opening, altering or closing companies, at Federal, State and Municipal levels.

Aiming at the correct legal process in all the necessary organs, as well as the monitoring in the issuance of negative certificates.

  • Opening;

  • Basic input document;

  • Closing;

  • Certifications;

  • Contractual changes;


Technology of Information

Companies have demanded a bolder stance, with presentation of solutions, visualization of new products, services, technology or business models that can positively impact financial results.

It is moving toward integrating industry and business, gaining importance in decision-making and reaching business goals, revealing that IT is no longer a focus of spending for the company but a key partner in leveraging business.

Professionals in site;
Cordilheira Accounting Software (SAGE);

Web Platform;

  • Dropdrive NF-e;

  • Digital certification.

Who We are

Our Principles


Acting fully in the accounting area, seeking to serve the client in a personalized way in order to exceed their expectations, generating results.


To attend to all the clients with quality and technical capacity aiming at the best result and aiding in its process of economic and market growth, always in accordance with the current legislation.

  • Ethic;

  • Respect;

  • Confidence;

  • Credibility;

  • Commitment;

  • Quality;

  • Efficiency;

  • Effectiveness;

  • Result.


Institutions We Support

A good relationship with the community is as important as bringing quality products and services to the market.
Contributing to social policy we aim to reduce negative impacts on the environment and communities, preserving environmental and cultural resources, respecting diversity and reducing social inequality.

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